Fire Safety I Course Objectives

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Course objectives

By the end of the training session the students will be equipped with the following:

  • Information and an understanding of the legislation pertaining to fire safety.
  • An overview of how fires start.
  • Information on the various fuels that can start a fire.
  • An overview of company fire procedures.
  • Information on rasing the alarm in event of a fire.
  • Guidance on the different types of extinguishers.
  • Guidance on how to use the right extinguisher for the right type of fire.
  • Information on fire prevention at work and at home.

Course syllabus:

Fire safety legislation, How fires start, Fuel types, Procedural guidelines, Raising the alarm, Fire extinguishers, Use of extinguishers, Fire prevention, Home and work fire safety.

Course duration:

  • 2 Hours


  • Knowledge quiz - Multiple choice


  • Level 1 Fire Safety Awareness

Certificate duration:

  • 1 Year